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Joining Forces with Quantcast


I’m very excited to announce that we have agreed to be acquired by Quantcast, a true leader in our industry. Bringing the two companies together will help us offer our services to more clients in more markets around the world. More importantly, it will enable us to accelerate even further our pace of our innovation as we strive to offer our clients solutions that keep them one step ahead of their competition.

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How Are Advertisers Finding their Users on a Second Device and Why Do They Care?

According to research by Time Warner, users switch between devices an average of 27 times a day. For any advertiser that wants to target you with relevant advertising this is a massive issue and, through necessity, the advertising industry has evolved. We no longer perceive the user population as just a set of separate devices but rather many users with many devices. The key is knowing which user owns which device, but how does it work and why do advertisers care?

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What Can Advertisers Learn From Facebook’s Latest Move?


Facebook has recently announced a cross device tracking tool. This will allow advertisers to see their user’s journey to purchase as they move between devices. Facebook is in a unique position as a publisher - in North America alone at least 50% of internet users are on Facebook and, if they own two or more devices, chances are they will log on to the service on every device they own. In 2013 85% of smartphone owners used the Facebook app. This is an important product for Facebook, what then can advertisers learn from this latest release?

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Black Friday is Coming

Make sure you’re not testing your vendors by the 28th of November or you could massively increase your costs on the biggest shopping weekend of the year!

Why Do Mobile Users Not Buy on Mobile

Why does desktop have a 54% higher conversion rate compared to mobile when mobile users click on ads more than twice as much? It boils down to issues like privacy, convenience and functionality, all of which make it more important than ever to seek a unified view of the consumer.

In this article on AdExchanger Struq CEO and founder Sam Barnett explains why mobile users don’t buy on mobile.