Struq helps advertisers give their consumers control and transparency over cookie privacy

With growing concerns around online privacy the ‘EU’s ePrivacy Directive’ will come in to effect 26th May 2012. All UK advertisers and publishers using cookies will need to comply with the directive which requires you to;

  • • Tell users about the cookies they are using
  • • Explain what the cookies are doing and
  • • Obtain consent to store a cookie on a user’s device.

Four ways Struq can help

Struq is offering advertiser’s four tools to give users transparency and control at no cost:

  • 1. AdPad: Gives users control within the Ad itself.
  • 2. Customized Privacy Hub for your site: Give users transparency over their privacy and help your site comply with the EU Directive.
  • 3. Real-time Cookie Audit: Struq’s dashboard provides exact detail of every cookie Struq drops on a user.
  • 4. Partners: Struq has partnered with industry leaders in online privacy with whom you may also be interested in working.

More information about the tools Struq provides to help your business:

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